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Welcome to the Illustrators Club!

Are you (or a family member) a comic art fan, or an illustration connoisseur, who LOVES to draw and wants to level up their illustration skills? Are you looking for an ongoing resource with easy access to a variety of lessons that will teach fundamentals, character design, environments, vehicles, anatomy, and more? Welcome to the club! 

I created The Illustrators Club to provide a place where artists can unite in their passion to understand the art of illustration, and how to become better in their craft as a group of peers, together, on the life-long journey of drawing. 

For me, drawing started as something I love to naturally do as a kid. I kept with it, and eventually evolved into learning digital tools, and all the fundamentals under the ancient human practice of drawing from your mind’s eye, something we call visual artistry. We’re lucky to have such easy access to modern tools, but remember, no matter how amazing the tools are, nothing replaces a fundamental understanding of drawing, and being able to draw the amazing things your imagination comes up with.

That’s what motivated me to start the Illustrators Club. I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the years and inspire a new generation of artists who love to draw from their imagination.

That’s what motivated me to start the Illustrators Club. I wanted to share what I’ve learned over the years and inspire a new generation of artists who love to draw from their imagination. I also know that it can be a lonely road, which is why I’ve opened it up to more than just video lessons, it’s also about relating to your peers, and learning from them as well in a safe environment where you won’t feel overly critiqued. 

So who is the Illustrators Club for?

  • For young artists ages 10+, who love to draw and are ready to learn fundamentals from a professional illustrator.
  • For teen artists(ages 16+) who are ready to learn the a higher level of illustration skills on a regular basis. 
  • For intermediate artists (young adults) who need an extra lift so that their art can reach new heights.
  • For parents (if your child is between the ages of 10 and 18), a safe place to enroll your kids so they can augment their other learning times, whether it be in school, or extracurricular.
  • And finally, for artists who LOVE cartoons, comics, illustration, and creating characters, scenes, and more from their imagination!

When you join the Illustrators Club, here’s what you’ll get.

  • 4 new on-demand video lessons each month, plus all-access to the growing library of video lessons.
  • Coaching tips on how to inspire more creativity and habit building in your life.
  • For parents of younger artists: Tips to help your kids bridge from crafting to early professional artist. 
  • Access videos on the web, and also on the iOS or Android app.
  • Ask questions, respond to posts, and participate in monthly surveys to help guide future lessons.
  • Safe for all-ages, no cross-communication or chat features are enabled, except for public commenting on posts.

For $20 a month, get full access to the Illustrators Club. Continue your membership as needed, billed monthly. I guarantee you’ll get results, and enjoy a good laugh from the light-hearted comics, something we all need more of these days!¬†Visit www.minicrew.co to learn more.

-Ben Faubion (artists, dad, and teacher)

What’s Minicrew? It’s an illustrated brand for young creatives and makers! We’ve got Ebooks, illustration how-to-videos, wise words for motivation, some pocket lint, and crazy stuff like NFT collections so you can support the Minicrew ethos and mission. Visit the website to learn more about what makes Minicrew unique and learn about the character values! www.minicrew.co

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