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The Minicrew Question

Behind many of the world’s notable brands, is a question, a statement, and a reason to justify why you should buy from them, and why other people should join them as team members. Fender Guitars, Warby Parker, Yeti, Whole Foods… they all have people working hard behind the scenes to make sure the message is spot on to who they are speaking to. Every ad and every package is crafted in a way to connect. While yes, it may seem obsessive, you have to get them credit for making an effort! Think about the products you decided to spend your hard-earned money on and keep going back to… why do you buy them?

So that got me thinking, why Minicrew? I created Minicrew as an illustration outlet to start with.. but so what? A lot of people have illustration outlets. Well it took time, with many little gnomes pumping away in my idea factory, to really get to a point where I could proudly make a statement with THIS brand. I knew each character was a pivotal piece in the puzzle, so based on the progress of what these eccentric little goombas represent, I was finally able to a pull a few tricks out of my hat. At the core of Minicrew is this question:

What would your life look like if you took a step every day believing that your unique genius could make a difference?

– Ben Faubion and Minicrew

That right there is THE question that is behind the brand. I’ve been through it in different ways, and so have many other people. We get up every morning, working hard, wondering.. is this what I was meant for? Is this really what I want to be doing? Am I really living my best life? The sooner you get to the other side of those questions and the Minicrew question, the sooner you’ll be at peace with what makes you unique. That’s a question no article, television show, product, or guru is going to give you, it’s a question you have to keep asking yourself. At the core, it’s about owning your unique talents (or genius), and believing you CAN make a difference, despite all of your prickly thorns!

So next time you are tempted to zone out and detach, hit the pause button.. pull this question out with a piece of paper and pen, and dream a little. Do you see your friends struggling, or your own kids wondering what to do? Encourage them to do the same thing. Ask the question.

What’s Minicrew? It’s an illustrated brand for young creatives and makers! We’ve got Ebooks, illustration how-to-videos, some pocket lint, and crazy stuff like NFT collections so you can support the Minicrew ethos and mission. Visit the website to learn more about what makes Minicrew unique and learn about the character values! www.minicrew.co

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